Frequently Asked Questions

Do you paint your murals directly on my wall?

Most often we execute murals on canvas and install them on site.  The art of painting on canvas and adhering it to the wall is a 3000 year old method referred to as “marouflage.” You can learn more about the technique here. It is seamless and looks like it was painted directly on the wall. The benefit is that you don’t have us working in your space for months on end AND you can take the mural with you if you should have to move! We use very durable, high quality materials for each project. Here are some projects we executed on canvas. Some public examples of this type of work can be seen at the Library of Congress, The Capitol Building, the Biltmore Estate, and countless others.

I would like to have my kitchen cabinets painted. What’s the process?

Painting your kitchen cabinets can dramatically change the look and feel of your kitchen. If you need help choosing a color we can assist you. Or, if your project is more involved, we can recommend a designer to help with choosing new surfaces like tile and granite. First, we take all doors and drawers off, labeling each hinge, door, and opening. We remove all hardware, clean and sand to create a good painting surface, then paint, apply a durable topcoat, and then reinstall. On site, we mask off and ventilate the area because we spray high quality lacquer. Its a small inconvenience but well worth it. Your cabinets will look brand new and feel like fine furniture!  We can also fill and drill new holes if you are switching the types of pulls. If you want to add trim or modify your cabinets we can recommend some fabulous carpenters.  If you’re getting multiple estimates we recommend asking what type of paint is used and if they remove hinges and pulls/knobs. Nothing is worse than sticky cabinets with flaking hinges that are all gunked up!

How much does it cost?

Your project cost depends on a number of factors. For murals, the level of detail, size, and location of the work dictate how much it will be, For artistic finishes (faux finishes) the number of layers, materials, and location and accessibility all come into play when estimating. For example, a finish on a ceiling, 20 feet up will be more because of the scaffolding needed to reach it, and if there are obstacles in the way, we need to figure out a way around them. 

Basic artistic finishes can start at $4 per square foot and murals or fine art can start at $20. There is a project minimum price to start.