French Lessons - part 3: Mike's Adventures on the Bike

While I was in class, Mike rode in neighboring's an excerpt from the email he sent to family back home:...I've done some great bike rides the past two days. I rode from Versailles and through the villas Buc, Toussus-le-Noble, Chateafort, Sain-Remy-les-Chavreuse, Les Molieres, Cernay-la-Ville, Senlisse, and Dempierre. I saw the Aqueduct built in the 1600s in Buc, which was constructed to send water to the gardens and fountains of Versailles. I also randomly came across a monument to Jacques Anquetil, legendary cyclist and 5-time TdF winner. Dempierre has a cool Chateaux and a quaint town center.Anquetil Monument Buc Aqueduct Rambouillet Chateaux Rambouillet Chateaux2 2013-03-14_11-55-43_899 2013-03-14_11-56-00_542 2013-03-14_13-20-05_907

..Yesterday was the big ride to Chartres, which was a big goal of mine for the trip because I wanted to see the Cathedral.  I planned a straight out and back ride to Chartres. I had an awesome 95-mile ride and saw so much cool stuff. The trip took me through the villas of Rambouillet, Orphin, Escrosnes, Gallardon, and into Chartres. Rambouillet is really cool. There is a beautiful Chateaux and a big outside market in the town center, including a large carousel. The Chateaux was owned by some royalty. Gallardon is an old small villa, but had this really cool Gothic Cathedral. Escrosnes is even smaller and has an older and more medieval church.

Cathedral de ChartresChartres is a pretty big town (close to the size of Versailles) and the Cathedral is AMAZING. It sits up on hill with all these old small, narrow, and steep cobblestone streets and alleys surrounding the church. It's a beautiful area with people out and about shopping and sitting at cafes. The Cathedral is huge and is right up there with Notre Dame from the outside. I didn't go in because I had my bike and all my gear on."

Up next, "French Lessons - Part 4" Class notes, Louvre tour, and our "Petit Chateau"