Following Georgia O'Keeffe; my trip to New Mexico

This past winter I decided to take myself on a trip to New Mexico, a place I had never stepped foot. I was searching for a workshop of sorts and stumbled across a Georgia O'Keeffe retreat hosted by the Ghost Ranch. I decided to sign up and spend the week and a half following the retreat driving across the state.

The workshop was hosted at Casa Del Sol in a restricted part of the ranch. O'Keeffe's iconic ranch house is located along the drive. We took day trips to painting locations, walking where she walked to see what she was inspired by. An assistant by the name of Margaret Wood came to talk with us one evening about what it was like to work for Mrs. O'Keeffe. She wrote a cook book which includes many of her recipes. Before this trip I appreciated O'Keeffe as an artist but now I really admire her spirit of independence and grit especially in an era that most women were constrained to traditional female roles. Most of the days it snowed but there were occasional breaks in the weather where we could see Padernal across the valley. We used the time to sketch and paint whatever inspired us.

I then traveled south to Santa Fe where I had an appointment at the Georgia O'Keeffe museum to see her personal notes, color chips, and sketches. No photos were allowed. Seeing these artifacts really created a sense of intimacy. I really enjoyed seeing how she worked. After, I wandered around the city exploring and met some great artists. Took a couple day trips, one to Madrid to visit Harvey Shugarman's chocolate shop, and another to Taos.

Then I was off to Silver City to explore the Gila National Forest, visit artist studios, and meet more amazing people. I fell in love with New Mexico and hope to return again soon.

Getting our Trompe L'oeil on!

IMG_0737 Last weekend we had such a good time at Cunningham Studios! Five students came to learn about how to create a convincing trompe l'oeil (french, to fool the eye) iron grille. We learned about light, shadow, and temperature.  We also learned about various tools and techniques to improve efficiency and painting skills. Each student did amazingly well and took away something valuable that they will apply to their own work. I will be offering this class in March so stay tuned for dates!







The Faux Team Class Recap

We had a BLAST this past weekend at the studio! Henri Menendez and Chris Burke, aka the "Faux Team" hit it hard with their expertise on cabinet refinishing and faux finishing work. We learned about how to apply professional finishes to cabinetry and furniture and Firenze Plasters. A lot of knowledge was shared and students came all the way from Upstate New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina....and TAIWAN!! Thanks to everyone for making it out, I hope you enjoyed Ellicott City and can't wait to come back! To find out about upcoming classes, be sure to sign up for our newsletter!




















faux team group class


Recap of Gilding Class with Annie Lemarie

We had a great time with Annie, several decorative artisans from GMDA as well as CADA came to learn the secrets of Architectural Gilding on Thursday and Glass Gilding on Friday. We even had a student come down all the way from New Jersey! Here are some photos...enjoy!

annie's class

Annie talking about the gilder's knife.

annie's class 2

Melanie Kershner and Leslie Nesbitt practicing cutting and laying 23k leaf with Karen Jones looking on.

annie's class 3

Annie placing the first leaf on glass.

annie's class 4

My panel gilded, waiting for size to dry.

annie's class4

All dry, look at that shine!

mine and Deb's

My piece on the left, Deb Watson's on the right.

my glass piece

A closer look...

annie's class 5Thank you, Annie!!