Bringing the Outdoors In

This post isn't about tracking dirt into your house. Or flowers. As promised (if you read my newsletter) I am writing about a recent project that I completed in Edgewater. A long standing favor has been finally realized.  I had my friend Dann, owner of Revisions Remodeling, redo our outdated pink and grey tile bathroom (circa 1959, thank you Mamie Eisenhower.) In its place is gorgeous slate tile, marmorino walls and an actual vanity. (Ill post pictures later if you're interested.)


As a return favor Dann's wife Charmaine (thank you for the lovely comment :) wished for a bathroom that fitted their incredible location. They have a home right on the water in Edgewater (or Mayo?) MD. The walls had been previously faux'd by her and her sister. But that was some time ago. I came in and basecoated the walls and painted a scene that I had photographed on a trip to Blackwater Wildlife Refuge.  It fits the locale to a T. In fact Charmaine told me that she has a pair of Osprey that come every year to have their babies at the end of their dock.


great heron