Moving In

So last weekend my awesome Dad helped me (I mean I sorta helped him) build a false wall for large scale mural work and four 4'x8' rolling work tables with storage underneath.  It was so hot and humid I think we sweated out more than we drank.  A big thanks to my Mom for packing a cooler full of ice cold drinks, lunch, and beer for the end of the day. I have to say its a little too convenient to be within walking distance of Main Street Ellicott City because I found myself down at the Judge's Bench and the Phoenix a few times after working.  Oops! Materials being delivered.

Mikey and my Dad putting up studs...or being studs...?

Things are progressing and I have moved all of my paints in. (a feat unto itself...I could open a paint store!) My mom and I went shopping at Costco for new shelves.  I was on the fence about bringing my old shelving, it was pieced together...ikea, home depot, dumpster finds...but my heart won out and I got five beeutiful chrome rolling shelves. (They're gorgeous!!!!!) I looove organizing and so I have a place for everything now and everything will eventually make it into its place.

Taping away.


I am still hemming and hawing about what to do with the "office". I know I want to turn it into a show space/lounge/client meeting area/paperwork space...I just can't figure out what to do with the walls!!  Its so easy when its someone else's space but when its mine I cant make a freaking decision! I just bought four stencils from Royal Design Studio so hopefully they will "speak" to me.

My neighbors are great. If you are in the area, Jack of Arts (who airbrushes cars, trucks, and anything else made of metal,) is two doors down and Bill Knapp, a sculptor, is in the next warehouse up the street.  Bill stopped in when I was taping my wall to see who was moving in.  And everyone I've talked with says I couldn't have picked better landlords.  The Klein's are the owners of West End Service and have been more than accommodating.  I really lucked out!!

Now if the weather would turn and I could stop sweating!

Stay tuned for when we will be having our grand opening.  It may be a whole weekend I'm that excited. WooHoo!!!!!

...and a big congratulations for my cousin Lauren and her beau Adam for making a commitment to getting hitched!!!  So happy! Lauren started her first year as a high school science teacher in Detroit and Adam is a very talented glass artist.