365 sketches

Finally getting up and moving after nursing a throbbing head all day.  I swore that I wasn't going to stay out past 10pm last night and what do I do but stay out till 1 am. I think today should be officially designated "Hangover Day". Luckily I didn't have anything to do today and indulged in a rare activity for myself- doing nothing. I did watch "It Might Get Loud" which was really good. I recommend it. Anyway, I just finished dinner and was perusing my usual websites, one being the Faux Forum. A member, Marge Cameron, posted about something that I've recently been wanting to do. More sketches. She has committed to doing 365 sketches this year. One a day.  Now Im not sure if I could follow that regimen but I've been wanting to get back to my sketching because although I paint every day I don't draw every day. Does that make sense? I loved to draw in my sketchbook growing up.  I did it when I was bored, inspired, whatever.  I was never that good at drawing out of my head. I was always better at observational drawing.

It started this past week when I was bored and decided to dig into a box of radio parts I borrowed from my dad when I was struck with inspiration when Lori was here. I took out a radio tube, sat it on my desk and drew it. It took me about 1 and 1/2 hours to complete it, the layout being the hardest.  I felt really rusty but once I got going it was so much fun. I'm not sure about where this is going but I think for now Ill settle in to doing a pencil drawing of each item and then go from there.

IMG_2403(the angle makes the tube look lopsided, but its not.)

The next sketch I started was this Acanthus Leaf in one of my Dover books.  I really suck at leaves and frilly things so I figured I would try to tackle it freehand, no tracing or tools like compasses or rulers.  This one has taken two tries and I've worked on it in several short sittings because I get frustrated.  So perhaps instead of doing a sketch per day, Ill resolve to sketch each day and see where that goes. I've also looked at other artists' blogs where they do a painting a day. This one I especially like: Postcards From Detroit. Now that is commitment.


I may not get any sketching in tonight, still a little woosy from the previous night but maybe tomorrow.

Thanks Marge for the push! Marge Cameron's Blog

Happy New Year!

Update: 1-13-13

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