One Step Closer

A few years ago I traveled to Atlanta to be a spectator at the annual "Salon." Salon is "a gathering of dedicated decorative painters from around the world coming together to exhibit their work and discuss old and new techniques, products, and information in the field."   Every year it is hosted by a different member in that person's country. Since Atlanta, it has been hosted in Hamburg, Germany and last year it was in Tokyo. This year's Salon will be in Seattle.  I was curious about the group so when I heard that it was going to be relatively close to me I decided to check it out. 207927_163679870354913_8331639_n

When I visited Salon in Atlanta I was amazed at the breadth of talent that was on display. Members traveled from across the globe to in order to come together in the name of decorative art. Members have expertise in the traditional decorative arts such as faux marbre (marbleizing) faux bois (woodgraining), gilding, trompe l'oeil, and ornamentation.

group panel salon 2011


Unlike other groups, to become a member, you have to be juried in. I decided that I would apply for membership but was sure that I wouldn't be accepted because this group is the best of the best! Well, I submitted my portfolio to this year's host and was accepted to participate! I was floored! Participation in this event has been on my list of professional goals for a few years now. The next step is to plan and paint a panel that will be exhibited along side my mentors and peers.  Talk about setting the bar high!