Spotlight on Paula Henry of Simply Put Interiors

Continuing my Spotlight Series, I've focused this post on one of my designers, Paula Henry of Simply Put Interiors. We've done several projects together, many of which have been Decorator Show Houses. What do you do?

I make people cry happy tears and want to hug me.  I am a Decorator and pride myself on “hearing” and respecting my client’s goals and lifestyles.  When a project is complete, it is not uncommon for the tears to flow and for me to get hugs of thanks.

BSA 2013-HENRY pic 1BSO Show House 2013 "Cozy Corner"

  -How did you get started in this field?

Decorating has been a life-long passion of mine.  I decided to take it from casual designing for family and friends to a career after selling another business.


Library/Office, Private Residence

-What is your background?

I was involved in Real Estate management for many years and also owned my own business.  I founded Simply Put Interiors, Inc. in 2006.

BSO 2011 Ritz Carlton with Simply Put Interiors.BSO Decorator Show House, 2012 (Ritz Carlton Residences)

BSO 2011 Ritz Carlton with Simply Put Interiors.BSO Decorator Show House, 2012 (Ritz Carlton Residences)

-what does your business offer clients?

Simply Put Interiors is a full service Interior Decorating company.  You can hire us for an hour just to get you started or to design and manage large projects.  We are your one-stop shop for floors, ceilings, window treatments, walls and everything in between!

BSA 2012 DR Shot 4-16-12BSO Decorator Show House 2011

-What is the most challenging part of your job?

Getting my client’s to envision the final design plan from the early stages and convincing them not to get too far ahead of themselves.  Once they learn to trust me and accept my guidance, it is usually a pretty smooth sail.

Gabrelcik House 0002Private Residence, Ritz Carlton Residences

-What do you enjoy most?

That is hard to say because there is such a range to the services we offer and I enjoy them all.  Re-Designs are probably the most rewarding because I use primarily what my client already owns to create a brand new look.

Gabrelcik House 0008Private Residence, Ritz Carlton Residences

-What adjustments have you made to your business to keep up with the changing economy?

Honestly, I can’t think of any remarkable adjustments.  I have always been cognizent of budgets and goals.


paula accPaula in her booth at the American Craft Council "Make Room" Exhibit


-What makes a good client?

It is important to have a good working relationship.  I want my clients to feel like I understand them and with that comes trust.  So, a client who trusts me to accomplish their goals.

paula with the mayor

American Craft Council "Make Room" Exhibit (with Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake)


-Do you have a location (store/studio/workshop) where clients can come meet you or do you come to them? (Please provide address if desired)

I normally meet with my client’s in their homes or offices.


-How do we get in touch with you?

phone: 410-252-9911