Things Are Looking Up...

So lots of good things have been happening in my little world in the past few months and I wanted to tell you about some of it... First of all, THANK YOU to all of the folks who came to my show "Still Standing" hosted by Pure Wine Cafe and presented by HorseSpirit Arts Gallery in Ellicott City. What a thrill it was to be able to share with you my work and see all of my pieces hung together in one space. If you followed me in the process of creating my solo show, "Still Standing," you know how the last two years have been for me and the struggles I have overcome to make this happen.

This show, for me, was really a dream come true. Looking back at the work created, the opening reception, the love I received, I am overflowing with joy. I am grateful to have so many people in my life that love me and support my work. I never really considered myself a "fine artist," and never thought I would have the need for true self expression. I now have a desire to continue down this path and see what I can do with it. Perhaps I will enter into some juried exhibitions, and maybe approach some galleries in the region. I will also have prints of the works that were on display in my new eCommerce shop! You can also click "Shop" in the menu bar above. And both "Retired" and "Moved on are on display and available for purchase at HorseSpirit Arts Gallery. If you are interested in the other paintings that were in the show please contact me. Thank you to those of you who bought pieces!

I am planning to create some new works, having been inspired by my recent two-week solo trip to New Mexico this past April. I'll be sharing that in a following post. I am in love with the west, and there was so much inspiration for me that I know I'll be back.


In addition, I have also begun to sell my jewelry. I've never considered it before but a close friend kept encouraging me and so I finally decided to go for it. Again, it's in my new eCommerce shop.   And if you are local, you can see some of my pieces in person at my friend Kelly's new shop "Made on Main" on Main Street Ellicott City (of course!)

Amber Cabochon

Speaking of jewelry, I have been ruminating on the idea of working that into my fine art. I am not really sure how yet, but thought I would put it out there and see what comes back to me in the form of inspiration. I just took a workshop at the Baltimore Jewelry Center with Robert Ebendorf, who happens to live in Santa Fe! More on that to come.

There are a few other things that are happening but I am not ready to share yet. They are big and exciting and scary and thrilling and I can't wait until they're more materialized so that I can tell you all about them!

So please keep in touch and find me on Instagram and Facebook.

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