Art Howard County 2017 - Juried Exhibition


UPDATE: My piece "Wood and Lace" received "Honorable Mention!"


I'm so excited!! I was accepted into my first juried art show, "Art Howard County 2017" juried by Thomas Engleman, Gallery Director and Professor of Visual Arts, Howard Community College. All three of my submissions were accepted and are for sale. Contact me for more information: or 410-707-9246


The show takes place at the Howard County Center for the Arts and is put on by the Howard County Arts Council. The show runs from November 3-December 15th, 2017. The reception (which I will sadly miss) is November 10th, 6-8pm. (8510 High Ridge Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21043, 410-313-ARTS)


Be sure to take some time and check out the incredible works on display and support your local art scene!

Following Georgia O'Keeffe; my trip to New Mexico

This past winter I decided to take myself on a trip to New Mexico, a place I had never stepped foot. I was searching for a workshop of sorts and stumbled across a Georgia O'Keeffe retreat hosted by the Ghost Ranch. I decided to sign up and spend the week and a half following the retreat driving across the state.

The workshop was hosted at Casa Del Sol in a restricted part of the ranch. O'Keeffe's iconic ranch house is located along the drive. We took day trips to painting locations, walking where she walked to see what she was inspired by. An assistant by the name of Margaret Wood came to talk with us one evening about what it was like to work for Mrs. O'Keeffe. She wrote a cook book which includes many of her recipes. Before this trip I appreciated O'Keeffe as an artist but now I really admire her spirit of independence and grit especially in an era that most women were constrained to traditional female roles. Most of the days it snowed but there were occasional breaks in the weather where we could see Padernal across the valley. We used the time to sketch and paint whatever inspired us.

I then traveled south to Santa Fe where I had an appointment at the Georgia O'Keeffe museum to see her personal notes, color chips, and sketches. No photos were allowed. Seeing these artifacts really created a sense of intimacy. I really enjoyed seeing how she worked. After, I wandered around the city exploring and met some great artists. Took a couple day trips, one to Madrid to visit Harvey Shugarman's chocolate shop, and another to Taos.

Then I was off to Silver City to explore the Gila National Forest, visit artist studios, and meet more amazing people. I fell in love with New Mexico and hope to return again soon.

Things Are Looking Up...

So lots of good things have been happening in my little world in the past few months and I wanted to tell you about some of it... First of all, THANK YOU to all of the folks who came to my show "Still Standing" hosted by Pure Wine Cafe and presented by HorseSpirit Arts Gallery in Ellicott City. What a thrill it was to be able to share with you my work and see all of my pieces hung together in one space. If you followed me in the process of creating my solo show, "Still Standing," you know how the last two years have been for me and the struggles I have overcome to make this happen.

This show, for me, was really a dream come true. Looking back at the work created, the opening reception, the love I received, I am overflowing with joy. I am grateful to have so many people in my life that love me and support my work. I never really considered myself a "fine artist," and never thought I would have the need for true self expression. I now have a desire to continue down this path and see what I can do with it. Perhaps I will enter into some juried exhibitions, and maybe approach some galleries in the region. I will also have prints of the works that were on display in my new eCommerce shop! You can also click "Shop" in the menu bar above. And both "Retired" and "Moved on are on display and available for purchase at HorseSpirit Arts Gallery. If you are interested in the other paintings that were in the show please contact me. Thank you to those of you who bought pieces!

I am planning to create some new works, having been inspired by my recent two-week solo trip to New Mexico this past April. I'll be sharing that in a following post. I am in love with the west, and there was so much inspiration for me that I know I'll be back.


In addition, I have also begun to sell my jewelry. I've never considered it before but a close friend kept encouraging me and so I finally decided to go for it. Again, it's in my new eCommerce shop.   And if you are local, you can see some of my pieces in person at my friend Kelly's new shop "Made on Main" on Main Street Ellicott City (of course!)

Amber Cabochon

Speaking of jewelry, I have been ruminating on the idea of working that into my fine art. I am not really sure how yet, but thought I would put it out there and see what comes back to me in the form of inspiration. I just took a workshop at the Baltimore Jewelry Center with Robert Ebendorf, who happens to live in Santa Fe! More on that to come.

There are a few other things that are happening but I am not ready to share yet. They are big and exciting and scary and thrilling and I can't wait until they're more materialized so that I can tell you all about them!

So please keep in touch and find me on Instagram and Facebook.

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West End Studios Art Opening Recap

In case you missed it, we had four of our artists who have studios at the West End of Ellicott City participate in an art show at my studio. The way it all began was Bill Knapp, Ewan Tulis, and I were kicking around ways to get our work out there and make some contacts and possibly sales of our work. I offered up my space because its the biggest one and set the date. (In retrospect we will keep this event in the cooler months, particularly Spring and Fall, because the lack of air conditioning made it rather warm.) Having a date on the calendar, and announcing it on Facebook, made it official so we were on! Studio Pano The week before we began with figuring out how to set up the space. My dear friend and designer Paula Henry helped with the plan. She's good at laying out rooms and with flow of traffic. Plus the four of us artists were too close to our own work to really see how best to set it up. An outside perspective was what we needed. After that, I draped all of the tables and covered the less sightly things like paint shelves, slop sink, and ladders with canvas drops.  Finally we were able to start hanging art and installing lighting. Bill and Ewan did an incredible job with what we had on hand and surprisingly it actually looked like a gallery!




Friday evening we had our "Reception/Preview Party" and had plenty of snacks and beverages on hand. Several friends came by and our first piece was sold! I had been so worried that it would be a total flop and no one would show. So when so many people came and we made a sale I was over the moon. Whew!

Bill's Sculpture

Saturday saw more people come through and by the evening we were ready to wrap. The reason it was only two days was that it is my working studio and I had to get back to work. It was bittersweet to have to strike the show but so glad it was a success.  We are planning to do another one in Spring, with other members of the West End Studios. In case you didn't know we have 9 artists up at the West End!

Ewan's Bench

The next event that will have our studios open will be the second annual Artwalk coming up on October 11th. Check out our Ellicott City Arts Coaliton website for more information.

Barry's Sculpture

Stay tuned for more art!

An Insider's Look at the "Make Room" exhibit at the ACC show in Baltimore

beforeBefore, a 10x10 box.

This past February, Paula Henry asked me to create a piece for her "Make Room" exhibit at the ACC show in Baltimore. Its essentially a "white box challenge" where designers are offered a few pieces by artists exhibiting in the show.

paula acc

The finished room.

Paula chose the cocktail table and two chairs to inspire her design. In addition, they were given a theme; this year's being "Entertainment." To add to this theme, I decided to do a dynamic painting of glasses and bottles in a limited color palette to convey the feeling of celebration and excitement.

the partyThe piece measures 36"x48". It is currently available. (can be hung vertically also.)

paula with the mayorWe had a great time, even the mayor stopped by!

me, gael, paulaGael Summerhill of Summerhill Cabinets, Paula Henry of Simply Put Interiors, and myself.