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"The Process" Part I - What A Decorative Artist Does

"The Process" Part I - What A Decorative Artist Does

It occurred to me the other day when I was talking with an interior designer I just met that I perhaps I should explain a bit about what exactly we do as “decorative artists” and how one goes about working with us . Its clear as day for me, but when I describe my profession to new people I meet I either get blank stares or confused looks. I think I need to polish my elevator speech! So first and foremost, let me describe to the world what a decorative artist is and what we do.

Ten Years Without a Real Job!

Ten Years Without a Real Job!

It dawned on me the other day that 2018 marks the tenth year that I have been doing decorative painting full time. In 2008 I left the security of my teaching job behind and embarked on the most terrifying and rewarding journey of my life.

Faux is Dead

Faux is Dead

What do you think of when you hear the word “FAUX?” Does it give you thoughts of your friend “sponge painting” her living room with some pukey yellow paint? Does it remind you of that crusty brown “Tuscan Old World” mess on your neighbor’s wall? How about if I told you that “faux” in today’s interior design is alive and well if you know where to look.

What a Party!


THANK YOU to all who came out to celebrate with us at our Open House! We are so grateful to have such great clients and colleagues, we would not still be here with out you all. It was wonderful to see so many clients I haven't seen in years, and new faces too.


If you missed it, we have launched our latest venture, "Lenehan Studios Home- Artistically Curated Fabrics and Wallcoverings." Our inaugural line of ten designs is available now in our shop! If you are not signed up yet for our newsletter,  be sure to do so. We offered an exclusive 10% off everything for our subscribers. We may get the urge to do it again so don't miss out.


We had handmade jewelry for sale, art large and small, and I got to use my square credit card reader for the first time! Yes, I'm a dork but I felt like a legit business owner, lol! Check out the lovely Kris, Ann Marie, and Trish modeling their new pieces!


Congratulations to the winners of our raffle, Sue Cramer, Debbie Furlong, and Deb Watson! Sue won a color consultation for one room ($300 value,) Debbie won a print of her choice from our portfolio ($100 value,) and Deb won the hand painted glass bowl.


I am just over the moon with gratitude to everyone who made this a success. A special thanks to my boyfriend and to my dad who helped get my house in order. I wasn't exactly easy to be around cause of my stressing! Also, if you need an incredible cleaning person, please call my girl Liz!! She owns "Felix with out Oscar" and I hired her to do a deep cleaning and I'm still on cloud nine. Give her a call if you are tired of trying to keep up with your mess. And if you attended, you may have met my lovely new assistant, Bronwyn. I am training her up to be a mini-me. Stay tuned to meet her in a future post!

Thanks for reading!