On a Mission

Yesterday I was privileged to speak at the monthly meeting of the WCAA; the Window Covering Association of America, a group of designers and window covering artists; about the subject of how finishing can solve design challenges. It is part of my campaign to rid the world of the negative perception of faux finishing. (If you read my article about how "Faux is Dead" then you know that Faux is actually alive and well.  And from now on "Faux" will not be synonymous with "bleh.") After I discussed how to enhance architectural features and make the unwanted things disappear ...     

How to create the illusion of more space...

And how to be green by saving and repurposing what you have;

I gave a demonstration on how to create the look of wood.  I talked about different basecoat colors (which often freak out the clients!) and the various layers and tools used to achieve the final effect.

Members got in on the action..

Hopefully the next time they're faced with a design challenge they will give faux a try. We had a blast and I hope to be invited back again.