A first for me

UPDATE: Here are my panels.  I can't show you the room because you have to GO SEE IT! But I wanted you to see the whole grouping.


About two years ago I took a class in Connecticut with the amazing grotesca artist Carolina D'Ayala Valva.  Ever since I have been hoping for a project where I could use what I learned.  This is that project!

I just finished 8 panels for this year's BSO Decorator Showhouse's dining room and I feel exactly that. The room is being designed by Paula Henry of Simply Put Interiors.  The panels are based on 18th century Baroque and Rococo decorative ornamentation with scenery in each.  I'm not going to spoil the reveal because I really want you to see them in person, so I'm giving you a before shot of the room.  You need to see this and all of the spaces completely transformed by all of the talented designers.

For more information on this year's showhouse click here.

Being involved with 7 previous showhouses, I believe this one will be one of the best.  The house is in Loch Raven, on rolling acres off Cromwell Valley Road.  The house was built in the 1950's and visitors will be able to relate to the well proportioned spaces and see how they can take elements away to use in their own home.

I will be posting pictures of the evolution of this space along with the process photos of the panels after the house opens.  I hope to see you there and look forward to your feedback! (here's a teaser of one of the panels...severely cropped as to not to give much away!)

Also, I have updated my website with a new tab under galleries called "Available Pieces" for items that are for sale. If you see something you are interested in, contact me!

Coming up in my next post, my current project which consists of woodgraining beams, some faux and plaster ceilings, and some decorative painting.