Casual Elegance

As promised, here's the latest project I completed. First off, the ceiling in the family room had some great beams but felt cold left white. We decided to woodgrain them to match the other wood tones throughout the home.  The centers of the coffers were treated with a custom textural paint/plaster to create a more casual feel compared to the foyer, living, and dining rooms because this is where the family gathers.

Progress...the beams were treated first.The area on the left has the second layer of woodgraining while the right only has the first layer.

Here you can see the finished look at the top of the picture. The bottom three have the texture applied but haven't been glazed yet.

And...(drum roll please)......


Here's some closer shots taken from the balcony

And here are the other three ceilings completed while on the project.

Living room

Dining Room (Medallion treated also)

Vestibule (This finish was really fun to do and would look great anywhere!)

And finally here are the medallions painted in the foyer to enhance the space and pick up on the scroll designs on the chandeliers.

Progress shot of setup and transfer of design

Completed space.

Thanks to the clients for a great opportunity!